The Ultimate Phantom of the Opera Bucket List

As The Phantom of the OperaWith Broadway’s time coming to an end, it has once again become one of the city’s most popular tickets, with patrons flocking to the Majestic Theater to see Hal Prince’s iconic original production one last time. For Phantom megafans — or “Phans” — the next two months can be all about crossing off any show-related bucket list items they have left.

If you wanted to do yours Phantom bucket list, we’ve compiled this list of common items to tick off your agenda when you rewatch the show. Before February 18, of course. Because that’s when the phantom of the opera disappears once and for all…right?

The chandelier in action
(© Joan Marcus)

1. Sit under the chandelier
This one is a bucket list item not only for phans, but for the general public as well. If anyone saw Phantom a dozen times or never before, it’s safe to say that everyone wants to experience the thrill of the chandelier rising and falling just above them at least once. Tip: The best seats to sit directly under the chandelier are the central orchestra, rows A to H.

2. Sit in a box seat
Although it is debated whether the Majestic Theater actually has its own “Box 5”, given that the box seats are labeled alphabetically, seated in any box is sure to be an immersive experience. Not to mention, you get a great view of the chandelier!

Emilie Kouatchou, John Riddle and the cast of The Phantom of the Opera during “Masquerade”
(© Matthew Murphy)

3. See both Main Christine and Alternate Christine
Since its opening in 1988 on Broadway, The Phantom of the Opera always chose an alternative actress to portray the role of Christine twice a week, due to the demands of the role. Currently, alternate Julia Udine performs on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings, and main regular Emilie Kouatchou continues for the rest of the week’s performances. Bonus points if you managed to catch a reserve Christine (the current reserve on Broadway is Kanisha Marie Feliciano).

4. See a Phantom– a themed concert or a cabaret
Whether it’s New York’s 54 Below or Birdland, or your local nightlife spot, you’d be surprised how often there might be a Phantom– theme aligned for a performance. In the past, 54 Below presented “The Four Phantoms in Concert”, featuring the previous Phantom actors, and the venue also recently hosted Phantom Hugh Panaro for a solo cabaret. Keep an eye out for upcoming events at cabaret clubs and concert halls near you, because you never know who might be dropping by.

Phantom goodies on display at the Broadway Flea Market
(© David Gordon)

5. Search Phantom trinkets and treasures at the annual Broadway Flea Market
The Phantom of the Opera usually has its own table in front of the Majestic Theater… but even if in the coming years there won’t be a specific table dedicated to toes, prop letters and chandelier pieces, you’re bound to find signature products from Broadway. oldest musical. In years past, accessories like Christine’s wedding veil to custom hoodies previously given to cast members have been brought home by phans, and we don’t expect that to change.

6. Host a home viewing party of the 25th anniversary concert film and Australian film production of the sequel, Love never dies pro shot
Don’t shoot the messenger! We know Love never dies is controversial among phans, but you can’t deny that it’s super fun to watch with friends. If you try to bring one of your non-phan friends into Phantom, the 25th anniversary production starring Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess is off to a good start. Then, for ages 21 and up, whip up a drinking game to watch Love never dies after.

The The Phantom of the Opera chandelier sitting on stage at the Majestic Theater
(© Joan Marcus)

7. Take a picture with the chandelier in sight
Everywhere you see Phantom, it is likely that at intermission, the chandelier – which has just crashed – will sit on stage for a few minutes until the intermission begins. See if you can run to the front of the orchestra to take a photo with him to cherish forever, then watch him ascend to the ceiling.

8. Take a picture outside the theater with the marquee in view in your best Phantom-themed outfit
It’s hard to believe that in just four months the iconic mask will be removed from the marquee of the Majestic Theatre. Be sure to take a picture with it while you still can.



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