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The story of the Garden of Eden is commonly referred to as “the fall of man.” But what does the outcome of this story mean for the woman?

Hypnotique Productions, a new burlesque company, invites guests to explore the rest of this story in their debut show, “Eden: An Evening Of Sheer Temptation”, at Mulberry Station Brewing Company on February 10-12, 18 and 19 around the Valentine’s Day .

“I remember seeing a [burlesque] show once and I remember being confused, ”said owner and founder Kelsi Judge,“ like, ‘Am I supposed to be turned on by this, or is it fun and funny?’ ”

She said it was important that her shows had a comedic element, a common theme in classic burlesque. Much like most burlesque, the show will not feature any nudity, although the costumes, some of which are locally designed, promise to be sultry.

Guided by emcees, audiences can expect to explore the fully scripted show’s love exhibit and the full spectrum of the female experience.

“It’s not all pretty and rosy,” the judge said. “Sometimes it’s fucking hard, and it’s dirty, and it can be angry, and it can be so many things.”

Hang out as they wait for their big week. Photo by Sara Bernson.

The show will feature a coordination of dance, actor, vocals and live music by band director Glenn Tucker, guitarist Baynayah McConnell, bassist Ethan Swett and drummer Darby McConnell.

“Eden” will feature a great element of crowd interaction, including VIP tables and the more interactive and limited-quantity “Forbidden Table” that will include special Valentine’s surprises.

With eight performers, Judge looks forward to shaping the new company around communication, respect and community.

Hypnotique proudly sources its workforce from independent artists. The judge intends to include more local artists, curators, photographers, costume designers, videographers and other creators in the future.

“This community is incredibly talented,” said Judge. “It’s such an amazing community. So I wanted to bring elements of all of this.

Burlesque is a form of self-expression like any other performance art.

“For me, this is the art of the ultimate performance,” said Judge.

As with all slapstick, “Eden” will feature a story not necessarily of sex but, rather, everything that surrounds sex – dizziness, embarrassment, innuendo, flirtation, non-verbal suggestion, or the innocent mistake of accidentally letting your mind fall in the eye. gutter at the least expected time. .

Guests can expect classic sexual commentary satire that resides in the essence of burlesque through the eyes, hands, voices and movements of Chico’s local talent.

“I think it’s powerful,” Judge said. “Having women come up on stage in their nice sexy clothes and maybe take it off, and they still have the power over the audience all the time. It doesn’t go off the rails, it doesn’t go anywhere, it doesn’t go in a dark place. He stays.”

The judge said what inspires her vision for the show is that women have fun as they take power out of vulnerability.

“That’s the essence of what I want the experience of this production company to be – it’s women at the forefront, taking their power and having fun on stage,” Judge said.

She sees many more open-minded young people today than she remembers Chico’s past. She encourages those interested in auditioning or witnessing the burlesque to enter without any preconceived notions of what the art might be.

“It’s a really amazing time to be brave in this environment,” Judge said. She listens to her show’s talent for ideas on empowering their performances and expressing individual sexuality.

The judge said audiences love it when the talent’s own ideas are presented. She credits art and promotion team members Sandii Lynne and Kendra “Jeanie” and photographer Sara Bernson as the backbone of Hypnotic’s vision.

Judge has independent experience in musical performance, theater, burlesque and dance, and she started the company to realize her own ideas instead of working as a freelance.

The crew toast all the great work they have done to make this business a reality. Photo by Sara Bernson.

Starting theater at the age of 7, Judge was also a gymnast for 12 years. She started at the Chico City Light Opera House, which has passed away and is now the Chico Theater Company.

She joined the Chico High School choir for four years. After high school she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, then returned home a year later and worked with Chico Cabaret, a business last owned by Phil and Sue Ruttenberg but which did not ‘is no longer in business.

From 2012 to 2018 Judge choreographed the shows for the Ruttenberg party burlesque tradition and worked as an artistic assistant for these shows. Their last holiday show was at the El Rey Theater.

When Judge started writing original Vaudeville (burlesque umbrella genre) scripts for Chico Cabaret, she started building her platform of ideas.

“I was excited to be able to put my ideas into a live performance,” she said. “From there, I started my love story by starting my own business. “

The judge’s aspiration to start her own business arose after working with the Trinity Cabaret at the Union Patio Bar and Grill in Oroville in October 2021.

“It was an experience in itself,” said Judge, “and I realized after that experience that I had a lot more than what I wanted to show, give and do in this community, and I really wanted to explore a more. collaborative and artistic space.

The show “Eden” will celebrate Valentine’s Day, a modern derivative of the ancient Roman festivities of the Lupercalia. Unlike the orgiastic proto-holiday traditions, this celebration will not feature literal bloodlust. Instead, he invites guests along our cultural journey into the destigmatization of women’s sexuality.

The judge encourages open comments from the Hypnotic group, giving artists a space to discuss how they feel about what they do and to explore their own creative voices.

“I really want everyone to feel like a part of what we do, ”the judge said.

As I spoke to her about the cultural stigma against women’s sexuality, we agreed that social change cannot happen from comfort zones.

“I ask them a lot [the performers]”said the judge.” I am still, always want them to feel safe. But I ask them to push the boundaries of what it looks like. “

She said she not only wanted to put on a show, but also wanted Hypnotic to be a journey of learning and growth.

Privileged to have been in Judge’s warm presence, I can say that Hypnotique has the same family dynamics as any other performing group such as the Florida Theater Company and the performing troupe I was with. in the 2000s.

Check out the poster for the event in town! Photo by Sara Bernson and poster layout by Sandii Lynne.

Hypnotique is currently planning to work with Greenhouse Studio and Gallery for a Halloween 2022 show. For updates, follow Hypnotique on Facebook and Instagram.

Tickets for “Eden” are on sale at $ 30 for general admission, $ 35 at the door, $ 85-150 for VIP tables and $ 180 for the forbidden table. They can be purchased through the link on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

The show begins at 8:30 p.m. but guests are encouraged to arrive early for dinner. After the show begins, Mulberry will offer limited menu items but will keep the bar open.

Shae Pastrana can be reached at [email protected] and @Pineyfolk on Twitter.

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