Sedalia Police Reports for October 27, 2022

This article is compiled from Sedalia Police Department reports.

On Sunday evening, officers were dispatched to the area of ​​South Grand Avenue and West Main Street in reference to a hit-and-run accident. When officers arrived, they spoke with the caller, who said they were hit by another vehicle and the vehicle drove off. Following statements from the caller and passenger, the vehicle was located and the subject was arrested. Further investigation Wednesday evening revealed that the original caller made a false report. The suspect had several opportunities to correct his story, but elected to request that the other person be charged instead. Vince Reno Tibbitts, 37, of Sedalia, was arrested and transported to Pettis County Jail for making a false report. It has also been requested that charges of leaving the scene of an accident be dropped against the other individual, Jose Luis Matacua, 36, of Sedalia.

On Wednesday afternoon, officers were dispatched to a residence in the 800 block of North WT Morris Avenue for a report of a firearm. There is no cooperation from victims at this stage, and a report is being written for documentation.

Sedalia police stopped a vehicle in the 200 block of West Broadway Boulevard on Tuesday morning after observing that the vehicle had a turned off headlight and an expired registration. The driver was found in possession of a confirmed arrest warrant after she failed to appear in court. Erika Doroshay Thomas, 22, of Sedalia, was arrested for her warrant of non-appearance on the original charges of expired plates. Thomas was transported to Pettis County Jail, where she was held pending $100 cash-only bail.

On Wednesday morning, officers met with Normal J Berg, who wanted to report an incident of fraud. Berg checked his account online and noticed a deduction that shouldn’t have happened. She checked with her bank and was told it was for checks. Upon checking with this company, she found that the checks had been delivered to her UPS mailbox and debited from her card. Berg then found the checks in his UPS mailbox. The person of interest is someone on the Internet. After verifying the person, the victim discovered that it was a fake photo/video. A report has been filed because she lost the $45 for the checks and what she believes to be a hacked account.

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