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Don’t miss this show for all ages! On January 28, 2022 at 5:00 p.m., the Marco Island United Church will present the Golden Gates Dancers to you as part of their 2022 concert series.

Members of the Golden Gates Dancers in traditional Russian folk dresses.

I recently met UCMI Music Committee members Chris Moore, Susan Smith and Kevin Hennessy, and they are very excited about the Golden Gates Dancers.

Chris Moore, the cult and choir accompanist, recently moved to Marco from Ohio, where he served as director of the Arts Council for 40 years. While in Ohio, he met Vitaliy Bezrodnov and his ensemble of the Golden Gates Dancers in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Since 2003, Vitaliy has coordinated the Golden Gates Dancers with funding from the Rotary Children’s Fund. Vitaliy is a professional musician and the leader of the trio “Moscow Nights” which performs Russian folk music performed on classical Russian instruments.

Russian folklore ensemble 5. Dancers dressed in colorful and richly embroidered folk dresses..jpeg

Dancers in colorful and richly embroidered folk dresses.

Golden Gates brings together talented young dancers and folk musicians from Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia and more to present their traditional culture and history in the United States. Participants are highly qualified and selected from public schools, cultural art centers, music schools, colleges and dance academies.

According to Moore, it’s like going to a folk festival. The music is very rhythmic and there is audience participation, especially with the children. Russian musicians usually invite children to come and play the instruments.

Susan Smith, congregation member and music committee member, added that music and dance are universal languages ​​- you don’t need to speak Russian to enjoy Russian folk music and dance to its faster pace. . Russian dances are energetic and cheerful with lots of quick knee bends and high jumps – you can’t help but join in their stomping energy. These young Russian folk dancers are storytellers who share their cultural stories and connect with audiences around the world.

Russian folklore ensemble 1. Members of the UCMI Music Committee.jpg

UCMI Music Committee Members: Chris Moore (seated) Susan Smith and Kevin Hennessy. The musical director, Hannah Mary Perry, is missing.

Golden Gates will offer an hour of traditional Russian folk songs featuring colorful and richly embroidered Russian folk dresses.

Russian folk songs are a living story of the Russian people – children fell asleep in them; got married while dancing with them; and they were buried there.

They have exotic musical instruments, but the most common is the Russian accordion or bayan. The balalaika is a triangular wooden instrument with a fretted neck and three strings.

One of the reasons to travel to Russia is to participate in one of its many amazing folk and music festivals. This time the Russian Folk Festival comes to Marco in the magnificent acoustic sanctuary of the United Church of Marco Island.

Russian folklore ensemble 3. Musical trio, Moscow Nights.png

Musical trio, Moscow Nights, presented here with classic Russian folk musical instruments; the accordion (Bayan); a double bass balalaika and a soprano balalaika.

A 15-member ensemble of the Golden Gates Dancers will perform and according to Kevin Hennessy they will be staying with host families during their visit to Marco.

The best part: Entrance is free for children under 13. It’s a perfect family-friendly cultural extravaganza that will take you to an authentic Russian folk festival of Old Russia thanks to the musical accompaniment of the versatile Moscow Nights trio.

Tickets cost $ 20 per person and are available at:

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Russian Folk Ensemble 6. Jumps and up-tempo music .jpeg

Jumping and rhythmic music are characteristic of Russian folk dance and music.

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