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Suicide Squad: Get cover for the Joker # 2 variant, via DC Comics.

Suicide Squad: Get Joker # 2 – Brian Azzarello, writer; Alex Maleev, artist; Matt Hollingsworth, colorist

Ray – 6/10

Ray: The launch last month of this gritty Black Label title had a decent characterization for Jason Todd and one of the best cliffhangers in recent memory, as Joker ambushed Amanda Waller and took control of the brain bombs of the Suicide Squad. The idea of ​​this power in the hands of a maniac is terrifying, and I hoped it would come out of tense fears. But apart from the last issue of Firefly, Joker mostly seems to be content with trolling the squad. The team is mostly left alone for the first half of the problem, bickering with each other and waiting for the inevitable to come. This leads to a few revelations about the other players, including a disturbing visual of what’s hiding under Meow Meow’s mask, and a few jokes at Pebbles’ expense. But by the time some Joker minions show up to give the team an ultimatum, we’re more than ready for something to happen. Too bad what is happening is not very good.

Countdown. Via DC Comics.

You know how I mentioned that Joker really enjoys trolling? This mainly means that he invites the Squad to a nightclub, then leaves them alone for a while. This gives Wild Dog the opportunity to be casually homophobic, and when Joker shows up, he mostly decides to humiliate Harley by forcing her to strip him on pain of death. It’s an extended segment that’s just deeply uncomfortable, and it dwells on Harley’s discomfort and humiliation far too long. Yes, she did end up getting revenge on the graphic fashion and it would have been a lot worse if she hadn’t, but still felt like she was reveling in how nervous it could be. The end of the issue reserves a few surprises and several insane twists that loop the whole concept of the series. He’s got some interesting ideas, but sadly it feels like he’s just too in love with being able to do mature content and kneecaps himself.

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