MACAU DAILY TIMES »DSAL receives 766 complaints in the month following the closure of Suncity

A a total of 766 complaints were lodged concerning the subsidiaries of the junket operator Suncity, companies that have ceased trade, according to data from the Office of Labor Affairs (DSAL).

In addition to subsidiaries, the office received 21 complaints from employees of “Suncity-related companies”.

In a press release, the DSAL recalled that the employees concerned who have not obtained a resignation certificate and who do not meet the eligibility criteria for the subsidized training programs of the office, can request help from the DSAL. .

Recent figures show that as of January 7, 389 people (37.5%) out of the 1,036 candidates participated in placement sessions specifically organized by the DSAL for former employees of the junket.

The office has so far organized seven specialized job search sessions, aimed at re-hiring 1,036 applicants who sought help from DSAL after losing their jobs following the closure of several casino VIP rooms.

On December 10, Suncity Gaming Promotion Company officially ceased operations, the company said in an employee notice.

In the notice, the company explained that operations have ceased due to the suspension of cooperative relations with game dealers, as well as the need to cooperate with legal proceedings following the arrest of the CEO of the company, Alvin Chau.

Economy and Finance Secretary Lei Wai Nong has previously indicated that the termination of the junket operator’s business activities will affect the unemployment rate, which stands at 3.8%.

However, he pledged that the government would provide support to the affected employees.

In June 2021, Suncity offered exit bonuses to employees who had signed up for the group’s voluntary resignation program. The final sum could go up to 15 months salary for each employee, the exact amount depends on the function of the staff member.

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