Local nonprofits make good use of Shell community grants


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A big name in the energy industry has once again lent its support to the local communities in which it operates.

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Shell Scotford announced the 2021 recipients of its community grants and two nonprofits in Strathcona County were among the recipients.

“You’ve just found a project you’re looking for support for and they’re good at what they like to support,” explained Brock Day, BGC’s COO. “For the CanTeen Youth Hub, we have created a fitness space and in the space there is the possibility for youth and young adults to access the space.”

BGC’s grant totaling $ 3,500 helped purchase a bunch of new training equipment such as an elliptical, dumbbells, squat rack, benches, agility ladders, medicine balls and kettlebells.

“It’s a very good access space for young people. Fitness spaces can be intimidating and not always inviting, but this is an inclusive space for any young or young adult, ”Day noted.

According to the club, providing a youth training venue for the nonprofit has turned out to be a popular idea.

“One of the service gaps we found was a major need for fitness space for those who aren’t comfortable going to Millennium Place or one of the surrounding gyms. Another barrier is the cost and the space we have here is free and accessible to youth and young adults in the county, ”he said.

The grant did not cover all purchases for the fitness space, but donations were also provided by businesses and individual donors. All young people interested in getting in shape are encouraged to visit the new facility and can call 780-416-1500 for more information.

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“Having this fitness space has allowed us to contact partners in the community and there are local gyms that are going to come and run free fitness programs and young people who don’t know the equipment can come in and get support that way, ”Day said. “We have staff members who also set an inclusive schedule. If you are looking for an individual class we will be able to help you or a group fitness class.

Little Warriors was the other local nonprofit to receive grants from Shell.

“We got the confirmation for $ 3,500, which was just amazing,” said Laurie Szymanski, CEO of Little Warriors. “We have a fourth house that we just completed renovations and we have seen the need to expand our programming to support the families of the children we serve. We want to put our family program in this home so families can come and get information and trauma-informed strategies to help support their child. “

Little Warriors treats children who have been sexually abused at Be Brave Ranch and through other services.

Szymanski said the grant would help keep survivors safe and buy a security camera system.

Little Warriors also received $ 39,000 two years ago during Shell Scotford Safety Turnaround Week, which saw donations accumulate for every week without an accident at the Shell site.

“Community support for our program is important. We are not receiving any government support at this point and the support of community organizations and members is the only reason we continue to operate and provide these services for free, ”Szymanski said.

Since 2014, Shell has donated over $ 200,000 to non-profit organizations in the region.

Other recipients of the 2021 Shell Scotford Community Grants, totaling $ 30,000 in total, include Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank, Lamont County Housing Foundation, Fort Saskatchewan Public Library, Friends of Bruderheim Society, Fort Saskatchewan Minor Sports Association and Wes Hosford Elementary School.

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