Larissa reveals the manager’s betrayal that got her fired from her 90 day fiancé

Reality TV star Larissa Lima reflects on her time in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise and says it was her manager’s fault that she was fired by TLC.

Larisa Lima from 90 day fiance the celeb has revealed details about why she was fired following her exit from the TLC franchise two years ago. The unique personality of Brazilian Larissa has caught the attention of 90 day fiance viewers of season 6, in which she married Colt Johnson. Larissa’s relationship with Colt was not easy, as she had to deal with differences with her mother Debbie Johnson and was accused of molesting him. After multiple arrests that could have led to her deportation, Larissa and Colt divorced Larissa and moved on with Eric Nichols. Plastic surgery helped Larissa change her appearance and start a new life, but she was asked to leave the franchise after the makeover.


Larissa had just revealed her $70,000 Kylie Jenner-inspired body and decided to take part in a virtual striptease on CamSoda, an adult webcam site. Larissa released a statement confirming the rumors while revealing that she was released from her contract by TLC supposedly because she did a live show in which she rubbed oil on her body in a bikini. Larissa’s firing came just a day before she was temporarily taken into custody by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. This dramatic week in Larissa’s life in September 2020 took place just as she was moving to Colorado with Eric for a fresh start.

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It’s been two years since viewers have seen Larisa on the 90 day fiance franchise. Fans may have been inquiring about Larissa’s life lately, that’s when she decided to post about it being a “moment of emotional reflection“for her. According to Larissa, she trusted him”administrator” at the time who assured him that they had spoken to the network before 90 day fiance celebrity Larissa did the cam show which “forever changed” his life. “So many people are posting specific reasons I left now with some people from my past who are back on screen, but they don’t know anything behind the scenes,added Larissa. According to Larissa, the new cast members “don’t have to fight the network or need a manager.

Larissa management clearly failed to communicate with the network. She called their act “betrayal of trust.” Larissa claims she wasn’t paid thousands of dollars by the webcam company, but “money,Although it was reported that she made more than $100,000 from it. However, Larissa understands that she was naive, and for her, even bad publicity was good back then. 90 day fiance Star Larissa says she’s been offered shows by other networks, but she thinks she quit TV at the right time. “I left TLC with great memories, and I’m grateful for the experience and the memories.,” she continued.

For now, Larissa seems to be making money doing brand collaborations on social media and OnlyFans. Larissa feels she has everyone she needs in her life right now, which makes her feel content. Her friends and family know the true and untold story of Larissa which she may soon reveal in detail to her fans. Larissa doesn’t have bitter feelings towards TLC at the moment. Although she knows it was the saddest time of her life, reality TV star Larissa admits it was because of 90 day fiance that she has grown so much as a person.

Source: Larissa Lima/Instagram

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