How uncool was it for Laney to steal Charlotte’s baby name “Shayla”? Brutal

“You stole my baby’s name!” Charlotte York exclaimed to her former friend Laney during a memorable episode of sex and the city Season 1.

Charlotte (Kristin Davis) traveled to the suburbs with friends Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) to attend the old party girl, Laney’s baby shower. While Charlotte was talking to Laney, one of Laney’s friends blurted out that she was planning to name the child Shayla – Charlotte’s secret baby name she shared with Laney years ago.

Of course, Laney lied, telling Charlotte she thought her husband heard it somewhere. But in Samantha’s true form, even though she’s the least motherly of the friend group, fired a “B***!” to Laney when Charlotte told her that Laney had stolen her name.

The friend pointed out that Charlotte wasn’t even pregnant, so it’s in poor taste or even downright cruel to “steal” a friend’s first name? Absolutely.

Etiquette expert says stealing a baby name is ‘stealing’ – so Charlotte was right on ‘Sex and the City’

Even though no one usually has a contractual right to a baby name, it still feels like it was stolen, like what Charlotte accused Laney of on sex and the city. “When someone else comes in and uses that name, it feels like theft,” etiquette expert Diane Gottsman said. HuffPost. “However, a name is not intellectual property. Anyone can use a name, and as long as you have an emotional reaction, you can’t really steal a name. But it feels like a stab.

Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall | Richard Corkery/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

“We have an emotional attachment to the names we select,” she explained. “Parents are very attached to names for reasons that range from a desire to honor a family member, like a favorite grandmother or uncle, to idolizing someone like a mentor or movie star. important.”

Charlotte probably shouldn’t have shared her ‘secret’ baby name in the first place

Charlotte loved sharing her thoughts on romance and family, so sharing her secret baby name probably felt natural to her. She eventually has two daughters, neither of whom is named Shayla. But some people think sharing the name in the first place was a bad idea.

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“I think it’s always best to keep your special name close so you don’t have to deal with someone ‘stealing’ the name before you give birth to your precious newborn,” the post-doula said. partum Ashley Winning. The healthy mom.

“Since you can’t own a name or stop anyone from using it, that’s the best preventative measure,” she continued. She added, “I don’t believe you can own a name, however, I do understand how frustrating it would be if someone close to you named their baby the exact same name.”

Charlotte was upset because ‘Shayla’ was unique and Laney lied on ‘Sex and the City’

After the sex and the city friends stormed out of the baby shower, Charlotte came home and angrily tore away all the memories of wanting a baby named Shayla. The twist in the episode was that a heavily pregnant Laney shows up at one of Samantha’s parties and embarrassingly suggests that she do a striptease.

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So, did Charlotte have the last word? And did Laney really end up naming her baby Shayla? sex and the city viewers never knew. But, a few decades later, And just like that… viewers find Charlotte happily married, raising two teenage daughters, Lily and Rose. And the sex and the city The stolen baby name from Season 1 doesn’t even seem to be liked by her anymore.

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