Hadid – 40 years in the service of aviation


In 1981, Baha Eddin Hadid, founded the company we now know as Hadid International Services (HADID). Based in Dubai, HADID has grown from a regional flight assistance company to a pioneer of flight services in the Middle East.

It has grown into a global provider of a full range of aviation support services, as well as FBO and Executive Lounge facilities. Commercial airlines, private operators, business executives, heads of state, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations are all part of HADID’s diverse customer base.

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As a business, HADID has evolved to do business around the world. The list of countries where HADID operates includes United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, China, India, Malaysia, Niger, Ethiopia, France and Italy, to name a few.

HADID’s mission over the years has been to constantly improve its services to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Services provided

HADID offers a wide range of aviation support services including the operation and management of multiple FBOs, or as HADID prefers to call them: Executive Aviation Terminals.

Flight permit – For all types of accessible flights and routes, HADID can obtain all necessary permits, including overflight and landing authorizations.

HADID can also obtain permits for commercial and general aviation flights, emergency and diplomatic missions worldwide, with average lead times shorter than official / regulatory averages.

HADID’s flight permit service is available 24/7 and will also assist with special authorization and pre-authorization of flights, including Advanced Passenger Information (API) and US TSA waivers. .

Ground support – Ground assistance covers three main areas: handling, refueling and janitorial. HADID can provide reliable on-demand ground support wherever you are in the world. HADID is committed to delivering excellent value to its customers through a global network of trusted partners and agents.

HADID consistently provides high quality service while minimizing turnaround times for all types of aircraft. Its aviation fuel services are designed to give you complete peace of mind by ensuring a reliable, fast and efficient fuel supply. HADID offers very competitive prices thanks to its excellent supplier partnerships.

A dedicated team of concierge specialists, trained and fluent in multiple languages, are ready to help you plan your trip hassle-free or disappointment with a variety of services such as airport pick-up, visa assistance, accommodation and transport arrangements.

Air charter– HADID charter services cater to a wide variety of customers and scenarios. HADID provides charter services for government missions, cargo missions, humanitarian missions, emergencies and medical evacuations (MEDEVAC). HADID also offers helicopter charter services and other services depending on your needs.

Navigation support – HADID’s highly experienced Navigation Support Services Department works closely with Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) around the world to ensure fast and efficient navigation charges generated by the relevant authorities. Additionally, Hadid reviews CAA invoices to ensure their costs are accurate based on flight details and will correct any anomalies while providing accurate conversion rates.

Flight planning – HADID uses internal methods and software to provide its customers with several levels of optimization for international flight planning (IFP). HADID generates flight plans based on multiple characteristics such as flight destinations, aircraft performance, and weather conditions to ensure fuel efficiency and accurate flight information while maintaining maximum safety and security.

Government flight support – HADID’s streamlined services can also serve government aviation sectors. HADID provides the same impeccable level of service to diplomatic missions, heads of state, air forces, United Nations missions, accredited diplomatic delegations, national teams, government departments and NGOs. HADID is committed to maintaining the discretion and protecting the confidentiality of its customers.

Business aviation terminals

In 2018, HADID partnered with Riviera Airport (IATA: ALL, ICAO: LIMG) in Italy to operate and manage the Executive Aviation Terminal. HADID Riviera was trained to develop and administer business aviation services at the airport, including the newly renovated business aviation terminal.

The airport is exclusive to business aviation, catering primarily to a wealthy clientele flying to and from surrounding areas. HADID Riviera has grown into a world class facility with a full line of GSE and service vehicles and HADID ground crews on site.

The interior includes a business center, meeting rooms, rest areas for staff and passengers, as well as an expedited CQI.

As part of aviation and executive lounge services, HADID offers flight permits, planning, ground support, refueling, concierge, charter flights, medical evacuations and preparations for VIP services in the area. helicopter and limousine.

HADID also operates a business aviation terminal in Karachi, known as Mehran Lounge. Just like the Riviera lounge, the Mehran lounge has top-notch facilities. HADID also has an Operations Control Center (OCC) to secure landing and overflight permits, generate optimized flight plans, perform flight monitoring, relevant NOTAM updates, perform flight analyzes. airport, etc.

Meanwhile, HADID concierge services take care of passenger and crew arrangements such as airport pickup, transportation, hotel accommodation, and visa assistance.

After seeing solid results and positive customer reviews through its existing facilities, HADID is expanding its network to a number of other promising locations.

40 years of expertise

As mentioned earlier, Hadid International Services has evolved to conduct business around the world. HADID now offers a full range of international travel and air charter planning services, Executive Aviation Terminal management and government flight assistance.

Until 2000, HADID was the only global flight assistance company of its kind in the Middle East. At the start of the digital transformation in 2002, HADID developed a powerful in-house proprietary software system called “MASTER” and later upgraded to “COMPASS”. COMPASS remains the company’s flight management system and the CRM manages thousands of flights.

Also in the early 2000s, HADID began offering more international services, expanding its first operations center outside the Middle East at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi. As a result, HADID quickly spread to other markets in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa.

HADID celebrated a milestone in 2010 with the opening of its first office in New Delhi, India. Since its inception, the company has been a trusted supplier to India’s booming aviation industry while expanding its service offerings.

HADID is a company that has steadily grown over its 40 year history while building a reputation as a trusted global provider of aviation services with a commitment to service excellence. HADID has always been committed to providing exceptional service to its customers and employees globally.

During the pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, HADID sought to reassure its customers that not only is it fully functioning 24/7, but that the health and safety of its staff, customers and suppliers will always be the concern. top priority of the company. HADID went through the pandemic by apply emphasis on clear directions.

As a company, HADID is committed to implementing health and safety policies that comply with local and international laws in all of its global offices and representative stations. HADID has worked closely with various airlines, CAA, operators and other authorities since the Covid-19 outbreak. For over 40 years, HADID has been used for support in tough places during tough times.

HADID works in strict compliance with international financial regulations and data privacy policies. As a company, it is very conscientious in its approach to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The company has grown from a regional flight assistance company to a global provider of aviation services. HADID is committed to using smart, user-friendly technology while fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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