Evansville Thunderbolts host Easterseals Giveback on October 22

Hockey season returns to Ford Center when the Evansville Thunderbolts begin their march to a Southern Professional Hockey League championship by hosting the Knoxville, Tennessee Ice Bears on Saturday, October 22. The game will not only be the season opener and home game for the team, giving you the chance to watch the high-speed, non-stop action of professional hockey, it will also be a chance for you to give back to the rehabilitation of the Easterseals. Center.

Evansville Thunderbolts host Easterseals gifts at season opener

The game will feature different ways to help Easterseals continue to provide therapy and other services to children and adults with disabilities in the tri-state:

1. Special “End Zone” tickets

A section of seating behind one of the goals has been designated the Easterseals end zone and will offer $12 adult tickets and $10 child tickets for any child ages 2-12. Not only is that $4.00 cheaper than the regular ticket price in this section, the Thunderbolts will also donate $5.00 from every ticket sold in the zone to the Rehab Center.

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2. Chuck-a-Puck

One of the popular games that take place between periods is Chuck-a-Puck. If you’ve never seen it for yourself, fans buy numbered foam rubber pucks in the stadium lobby before or during the first half of the game. Next, team representatives drag several banners across the ice, each representing a different prize up for grabs. When notified by the stadium announcer, fans across the stadium who have purchased a puck toss it onto the ice in hopes that it will land on one of the banners so they win regardless. the price associated with this banner. As someone who had the opportunity to be on the ice during the game, I can tell you it’s quite a sight to stand there while hundreds of colorful pucks rain down around you.

Representatives from Easterseals will be in the lobby selling the pucks from a specially marked kiosk before the chuck portion, with all proceeds from sales going directly to the rehab center.

Easterseals Rehab Center via Facebook

Easterseals Rehab Center via Facebook

Tickets for the special “End Zone” are available now on the Easterseals website.

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