BWW interview: Eden Espinosa talks about what to expect from her next cabarets at the Old Globe on July 9



Eden espinosa brings his powerful voice to help close the summer cabaret series at The old globe this weekend from July 9 to 11. While chatting with Espinosa, we talked about what to expect from her performance this weekend, what she did during the pandemic, and her excitement about returning to San Diego.

Eden espinosa is known for her incredible voice, and her roster of iconic characters ranges from everyone’s favorite evil witch, Elphaba in WICKED, Maureen in RENT, to new works including Brooklyn in BROOKLYN THE MUSICAL, Sadie in RAIN at the Globe, and more. Espinosa also recorded two solo albums “Look Around” and “Revelation” which featured songs with a more pop sound, as well as songs she wrote. So, with all the choice of Broadway and pop / rock, what can audiences expect from the cabaret this weekend?

There are a lot of pop favorites we’re going to be doing and I’m doing a thank you request section for songs from the musical theater I’m known for. I fell in love with making my own music and recreating old pop and rock covers. I do a lot of stuff from my second album “Revelation” which is the first album I wrote original songs for, and some favorites from my first album “Look Around”.

The goal, according to Espinosa, is for the show to be personal and intimate and for the audience to receive a spectacle unique to this performance.

“I really try to be like we’re in my living room, and we’re sitting around. I talk to the audience and I like the audience to respond to me. For me, I like to do something different every time. so every show at the Globe will be a little different. Most of the songs will be the same, but there will be wild cards that will make each night its own special event. “

Don’t be afraid of musical theater fans, of course Eden has you covered.

“I like to bring all the things of musical theater into a popular medley to make it fun for me and for the audience.”

Espinosa spent her pandemic lockdown being creatively productive and fun, learning skills like the Dutch painting technique and ice-dyed clothing. She also spent the pandemic looking for ways to improve the theater community. With another Broadway star Karen Olivo, they started AFECT: Artists for Economic Transparency, which strives to help build and create more opportunities for transparency and belonging in the live theater community. These are all things I never thought I would say I had done. “

Eden is a girl from Southern California and she is very excited to come back to San Diego to play on The old globe step.

I am delighted to be at the Globe and to do my show there. Hope people come out and spend the weekend with me. I grew up in Orange County and we used to do weekends in San Diego, so I’ve always loved San Diego so much. “

Eden espinosa gives cabaret concerts at The old globe July 9 – 11. Grab your tickets to enjoy these cabarets under the stars on the stage of the Lowell Davies Festival. Ticket information is available at

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