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Netflix’s huge library of horror movies is perhaps best navigated through the use of cumulative review scores on Rotten Tomatoes. According to the Tomatometer, the most effective horror movies on Netflix are made up of obscure and authentic titles from around the world.

A slew has also been released by horror film giant Blumhouse, with Netflix teaming up with the production company for the Stephen King adaptation, Mr. Harrigan’s phone released in October. Considering the success of the platform’s other releases of King, it might not be long before there’s another addition to the top horror movies on Netflix.


15 Creep (2014) – 89%

Creep is a movie found which follows Aaron, a videographer, as he takes on a project to help someone he met through Craigslist, Josef, is making a documentary for his unborn baby because Josef says he has a tumor on his mind and he seems that he won’t be there when the child is born. However, Josef starts acting weird and makes Aaron feel uncomfortable throughout the time they are taking pictures. As the story progresses, things get stranger and stranger, with Josef’s character and intentions becoming more and more sinister.

Creep is a weird little cooler that has real staying power due to the film’s main driving force – Mark Duplass’ performance as Josef. write for The voice of the village, Simon Abrams gave a “contemporary” assessment of the film stating, “As Josef, Duplass has a temperamental boyish quality that makes his character’s unwittingly desperate attempts to bond with Aaron all the more upsetting.”

14 Until Death (2021) – 90%

Megan Fox takes the helm of her most beloved film on Rotten Tomatoes with this small-scale thriller packed full of gory twists. It’s also a wonderful half, with Fox having to hold the entire film on her shoulders as a wife who finds herself handcuffed to her husband’s body as part of an elaborate revenge plot.

For Variety, Manuel Betancourt praised Fox’s efficiency in one of the film’s many “contemporary” reviews, writing, “Fox gives Emma an adrenaline rush that makes her the kind of hero you want to root for. “

13 The Sound of Block Island (2020) – 90%

In his assessment for The Austin Chronicle, Richard Whittaker named The Sound of Block Island a “lo-fi aquatic nightmare” and the film definitely conjures up concepts about Lovecraftian monsters of the deep.

However, it’s clear from the start that the film is actually more of a family drama about two siblings from a small, dead-end group of islands. One escapes while the opposite does not. Its touch of style can also be fun for die-hard devotees of low-budget yet high-concept horror films.

12 Gerald’s Game (2017) – 91%

Gerald’s game is a Netflix Original Movie based primarily on a Stephen King novel of the same name. The plot revolves around Jessie, played by Carla Gugino, who finds herself handcuffed to a mattress with no obvious hope of escape or rescue.

The horror of the film comes not just from the artistic survival features of the main plot, but also from Jessie’s personal insights and memories as she comes to terms with the features of her life that have led her to her predicament. write for Variety, Joe Leydon praised Carla Gugino’s central performance as Jessie, stating “Gugino deftly weaves together different threads of panic, rage, resentment, gallows humor and long-simmering resentment” in one of the rave reviews of the movie.

11 1922 (2017) – 91%

1922 is another Adapted by Stephen King created for Netflix and launched in 2017 to crucial success. The story sees a farmer tell the gruesome tale of how he came to lose everything and become haunted by the sound of rats in the walls of his hotel room.

Although seemingly a small-scale horror adaptation of a lesser-known Stephen King short story, 1922 is a reasonably strong interval piece that seeks to tap into the real themes of its story, with the main character’s journey mirroring the rise and fall of instances. write for Hollywood journalist, John DeFore famous that the film “is not sinister in its scares, and instead depicts its protagonist’s suffering mostly as slow rot”.

ten Coming Home in the Dark (2021) – 92%

Coming home in the dark may seem like a reasonably mundane carjacking horror movie at first, but it quickly deviates into a layered drama when it comes to the private stories of the carjackers and one of many victims.

Write for the Los Angeles Times, Noel Murray famous that the film’s tone and plot bore a direct resemblance to the Australian “Ozploitation” films of the 70s and 80s, “when a handful of creative and fearless filmmakers told intense and violent stories, often rooted in the country’s complicated history “.

9 Sweetheart (2019) – 93%

Starring Kiersey Clemons as a castaway stalked by a mysterious creature from the depths, Lover is a definite type of aquatic themed horror movie which is almost never made in today’s market, which gives it a lot of character.

The monster is the real object of movement with Todd Gilchrist writes for TheWrap that “the filmmakers’ use of creature design, gore, and brilliantly measured obfuscation create a sense of dread that only heightens the sharpness of the beast’s silhouette”.

8 Raw (2016) – 93%

Drawing inspiration from the drama and physical horror of the new French extremity, Raw is an authentic coming-of-age story that sees a young girl talk about cannibalistic tendencies she encounters after leaving vet school.

The film was widely praised for its captivating setting with Catherine Bray writing for Variety that “a kind of twisted dreamlike logic dominates and allows events to spin out of control.”

seven Camera (2018) – 93%

A nightmarish situation ensues when a woman’s account on a cam show website is taken over by a sinister doppelganger, with the real life she tries to separate from her online persona becoming completely altered by the results.

write for Slate, Inkoo Kang described the film as a “sort of Black Mirror for cam girls” and remarked that “the slow revelation of the everyday realities of cam-girling is the true striptease of the film, all wrapped in an aura of authenticity “.

6 Hush (93%)

A tense horror-thriller that puts viewers in the thoughts of a deaf girl trying to survive a home invasion by a determined serial killer, silence uses its unique location to make the most impact, uncovering artistic approaches to its plotting, editing, and sound design.

write for Variety, Geoff Berkshire wrote: “Loud bursts of noise are a genre cliché, but rarely used as effectively or deliberately as they are here.”

5 He Follows (2014) – 95%

In an eye-catching twist on the type of slow-burn formulation seen in movies like the ring, It follows sees a young girl cursed with being constantly stalked by a slow-moving entity that can kill her if she catches it. However, the methodology of transmitting the curse on this occasion is sexual activity.

Regardless of the subtextual plot implications, the fixed sense of uncertainty and dread introduced by tracking down the monster is terrifyingly effective. write for The Atlantic, Lenika Cruz argues that what makes the film work so well is that it “bucks the genre’s habit of over-explaining monsters by going in the exact opposite direction, not giving anything away.”

4 Under the Shadow (2016) – 99%

Under the Shadow follows a mother and daughter adjusting to the realities of life under a post-revolutionary regime in Tehran through the Iran-Iraq struggle in the 1980s, their anxieties over the struggle and their lives punctuated by the perverse presence of a jinn inhabiting their construction.

The Caller Among Best Horror Movies of October 2016 The voice of the village, Bilge Ebiri praised the story for mustering “moral and symbolic force without sacrificing the simple pleasures of the genre.”

3 Creep 2 (2017) – 100%

creep 2 rated higher on Rotten Tomatoes than its predecessor, increasing on a lot of the concepts introduced in the first movie and upping the ante on gore and scares. They’re still relatively minimal, however, with the ability to search for characters in the pattern of up-close and personal encounter sequences being the prime focus.

With a plot construction similar to the original, the draw continues to be very much Mark Duplass’ unwavering dedication to his central performance as the killer, but his new on-stage associate Desiree Akhavan helps him out. to enrich his character this time around. Alex McLevy praised Duplass in his review for AV Club, writing, “He made a monster more intriguing in a second installment. Few film series can claim that.

2 Her House (2020) – 100%

Following two South Sudanese refugees from their early days settling into a new life as asylum seekers in the UK, His house devotes so much effort and time to harrowing drama and supernatural scares when the trauma of their experiences begins to manifest in a macabre haunting of their new government-appointed residence.

write for Rolling Stone, Austin Collins hailed this stability as a “strange fusion of political experience and the usual, perilous thrills of the haunted house.”

1 The Call (2020) – 100%

Thanks to a seemingly magical telephone that the film does not explain, a young girl strikes up a friendship with another young girl residing in the same house, only at a single moment. Sweet and harmless at first, their dynamic takes a dark turn when the two begin to change their own destinies through their shared information.

write for Decision Maker, Jade Budowski named The call “entertaining, emotional and extremely bloody” and urges viewers not to dig too deep into the logic behind its plot to better enjoy the overall journey.

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