10 Movie Stars You Didn’t Know On Broadway

Acting on screen and acting on stage present different challenges for actors; in TV shows and movies, actors can do reshoots and can rely on a post-production team to make any necessary edits. However, onstage, actors don’t have the luxury of post-op or taking two – they have a shot to captivate an audience every night.

Most people know that Hugh Jackman, Jonathan Groff, and Lea Michele have been on Broadway, but there are plenty of well-known and beloved actors whose Broadway experience isn’t widely known.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy

Stone has worked on many well-known films, including Cruel, The Amazing Spider-Man movies, and Easy. She was also the main heroine of the musical film The Earth, which is his first musical role in the cinema.


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Given that The Earth was his first musical role, it would make sense if Stone had previous work that involved him beefing up his musical chops. So fans might not be too surprised to learn that in 2014-2015 she played the character of Sally Bowles in the Broadway production of Cabaret. Fans of Stone’s previous work can look forward to Stone in poor things, an upcoming romantic sci-fi film.

Gaten Matarazzo

Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson in Season 3 of Stranger Things

Matarazzo is best known for his likeable role as Dustin Henderson on Netflix stranger things. On the film side, he voiced Bubba in Angry Birds 2 and voices Rami in the upcoming animated film Bump.

Little known, Matarazzo starred as Benji in the Broadway production of Priscilla, queen of the desert from 2011-2012. Moreover, he was also in Wretched as Gavroche and Petit Gervais from 2014-2016. Considering that his rendition of “Never Ending Story” in Season 2 of stranger things was so iconic, the fact that he had some prior musical experience is understandable.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Carrie writes in And just like that

Hearing Parker’s name brings characters like Carrie Bradshaw from the sex and the city franchise or Sarah Sanderson from the cult classic Hocus Pocus (which is becoming a highly anticipated sequel!) in mind.

Still, there’s more to Parker’s name than meets the eye. Parker has several Broadway credits to her name, including Flora in Innocents ; Annie and Flora in Anne; Rosemary Pillkington in How to succeed in business without really trying; Princess Winifred in Once upon a time there was a mattress; and currently as Karen Nash, Muriel Tate and Norma Hubley in Plaza suite. Truly, Parker has extensive experience.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas has a surprisingly extensive musical experience. Aside from the Jonas Brothers, he has also had a lot of success in his solo music career. He’s also landed movie roles – outside of Disney. camp rock series, he notably played Seaplane and Alex in the Jumanji movies.

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Naturally, with musical and acting talents, Jonas also starred in several Broadway productions: Gavroche in Wretched, Tick The beauty and the Beast, Little Jake in Annie Take your gun, and J. Pierrepont Finch in How to succeed in business without really trying. He also produced an original Broadway play titled Chicken and cookies! Jonas is clearly a multifaceted artist. Fans can expect to see more of his musical acting skills in the upcoming Jersey Boys: Live! like Frankie Valli.

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer as Zayday Williams in Scream Queens.

Keke Palmer has been in a variety of TV shows and movies. Some of her new roles include Emerald Haywood in Jordan Peele’s film Nope, Izzy Hawthorne in the Disney movie Light year, and Maya in The proud family: stronger and prouder TV series. She also worked on the song GIANTS from True Damage, a promotional song for League of Legends.

Of course, this indicates that Palmer also has a Broadway credit to add to his impressive work resume. From 2013 to 2015, she played Elle in Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella. As reported by vanity loungeshe even made history with this casting, as she was the very first African-American woman to play Cinderella on Broadway.

Alec Baldwin

Baldwin has been acting since 1982 with multiple credits to his name, widely known for his roles as Adam Maitland in beetle juice and Jake Adler in It is complicated. He has also produced television shows such as Matching game and its eponymous series, The Alec Baldwin Show.

In addition to his recorded screen career, he has also worked in Broadway plays. He was Dennis in Booty; Grimes and Billy Corman in serious money, Stanley Kowalski in A streetcar named Desire, Oscar Jaffe in Twentieth century, Harold in orphans, and the Three Night Comedy Series Celebrity autobiography. A master of drama and comedy, it’s safe to say that Baldwin is original entertainment. Baldwin Fans Plan To See Him In Upcoming Movies Supercell and 97 Minutes.

Alicia Silverstone

review of the last survivors

No one can forget the iconic yellow plaid outfit Cher wears in the hit ‘chick flick’ clueless or the charm that Alicia Silverstone brings to her character. Besides the well-known role, she was also Batgirl/Barbara Wilson in batman and robin and has had several film and television credits since.

It’s also time for a hint about her Broadway experience! Silverstone has three Broadway play credits to her name. She played the role of Elaine Robinson in The graduation, Mandy Bloom in Time stops, and Sarah in The interpreters. It would certainly be a treat to see Silverstone back on Broadway since she didn’t get credits after 2012. Still, it’s nice to see her on screen, and there’s more of her to look forward to with the movies. Tunnels and reptiles in pre-production.

Paul Rudd

Marvel fans know Rudd as the charming Ant-Man in the MCU movies. Generally, fans know Rudd for his roles as Peter Klaven in I love you man and caring English teacher Mr. Anderson in Benefits of being a wallflower.

However, there’s more to Rudd than his filmed acting roles. Rudd has performed in several Broadway plays, including Joe Farkas in Ballyhoo’s Last NightOrsino in twelfth night, Mystery Guest Star in The play what I wrote, Walker and Ned in three days of rain, and Steve in Grace. The plays he’s been cast in are mostly comedies, which makes sense considering that seems to be Rudd’s main specialty. Rudd fans can expect to see him in the movies Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and the release recently Bob’s Burgers movie information like Jericho.

Molly Ringwald

Creepshow - Molly Ringwald in Sibling Rivalry

Ringwald certainly hasn’t lost his touch since his iconic roles in the ’80s, including Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in pink. She is still very active, playing the role of Mary Andrews in Riverdale and The kissing booth series as Mrs. Flynn. She also has work in post-production, in particular a drama film titled Montauk and a short title Columbarium.

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Considering the talent of an actress, Ringwald, it’s no surprise that she brought her acting skills to Broadway – however, it’s a little less well known that she also has singing abilities. She played the role of Sally Bowles in the musical Cabaret and Rose Arnott in the room Enchanted April. Considering how beloved Ringwald is as an actress, her work on Broadway deserves credit.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman in Roar

Kidman is an extremely talented actress, with several recognizable credits to her name, including Queen Gudrún in The man from the northMrs. Barbour in The goldfinchand Atlanna in Aquaman. She also has a fair amount of notable musical roles, including Satine in Red Mill!Claudia in Newand Angie Dickinson in Prom.

However, it’s surprising that she didn’t have any musical roles on Broadway considering what she brought to the big screen. The only credit she has on Broadway is The blue room, a play in which she plays several roles: The young girl, The au pair, The married woman, The model and The actress. She performed in this play for two months from 1998 to 1999, to mixed reviews. Despite this, Kidman’s ability to play multiple roles in a single production for two months is commendable. Fans can expect to see Kidman reprise her role as Atlanna in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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